Sunday, 27 March 2011

Behind The Bars

Not out there
Amidst the stars,
Its right here
Behind the bars.

A palette in the sky
A magic tower of light,
The darkness lives in here
Where time is always night.

A whole world outside
With so much to explore,
But they won't let me through
They won't let me go.

What's inside those buildings?
What's behind that wall?
What lies beyond the horizon?
I scream to know it all.

I still continue counting them
Knowing they have no end,
I still hold on and shake them
Knowing they won't budge or bend.

Darkness is Versova,
Is long over.

Its always light
Always morning,
Through these gaps
Past the railing.

I yearn to feel it
I long to see,
Come break these barriers
Come set me free.
Photo credit: Ronit Bose Roy