Friday, 17 June 2011

Lower Thy Gaze

What are you staring at?
What's there to see?
You can blink you know
It's only me.

Really, I'm not kidding
Have you nothing better to do?
Gaping at me this way
It's rather rude of you

Oh, of course you'll keep looking
Stubborn that you'll be,
Well know I'm not interested
I have control on me

Fine then I will turn away
You can ogle at the air,
Oh damn, it's so intense
I can bloody sense your stare!

Is that gravity in your eyes?
What pulled me back to you?
Well, no big deal really
Afterall it's only you.

"Such a sexy stubble"
"Features so beautifully refined"
Oh hell! What's happening to me?
Corrupt thoughts crossing my mind!

Some invisible force of attraction
Finger tingles to trace the line,
Drowning in the depths of those oceans
If gazes could intertwine

This eye lock can't go on
It's time to break away,
Lower thy gaze, Your Sighness
It's leading me astray!

Picture credit: Hamda.

1 comment:

  1. now that is a terrific sketch .who made it?the poem is dedicated to RR