Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Who Ever Said, "Life's Too Short"?

All hope has closed in on me
Darkness has come my way
With every light gone out
Night is in my day

I'm robbed of all God gave me
Of freedom, will and right
I watch it all get taken
I'm too afraid to fight

They see a sparkle in my eye
My face aglow with smiles
A joyous laughter I let out
But there's no happiness for miles

A scorching fire of hatred
Setting me aflame
I'm being reduced to ashes
And I don't know who to blame

I'v been through countless abortions
With every thought, opinion, idea
I won't speak, of what really is
I'll say whatever you'll hear

Now I want the pain of labour
I desperately want to give birth
Want to raise him, as my own baby
Let me nurture my thought

Sitting there in silence
Enduring every wrong
Who ever said, "Life's too short"?

Life is way too long


  1. This is just too beautiful! Just wow. Touches your heart. Keep writing :)

  2. Wonderful work.

    Keep writing, S.

  3. The night need a new morning...let the sorrow passby.. Don't deny the new arrival of life....

  4. Give the birth... to freedom, to thoughts !! Wonderful work friend !


  5. Indeed one,,, I truly agree :)