Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Drop of Brown on Love.

I've found a love for writing.
The inner beings, have all found a solace.

This new world. This new life.
There was no big bang.

Just a drop of brown.

Which fertilised her love.
And I was born.

I've two people to thank, for all that they've given me this past year. For letting me be. For taking on my burden.

If you're reading this, you know who are.

I love you.


  1. Beautiful!!
    Love the whole layout.
    Will surely be reading

  2. This is so beautiful Sana...
    Remember: A masterpiece doesn't become a masterpiece by hiding its true colors. #LetYOUShineThru

    God bless..

  3. that is ze best background evarr!!!and of course,bestest writing too!!me likey!! will visit ur blog on a regular basis!!and did i tell you that its the best BG ever?!

  4. one is Ronit (in my case also..:P)...n d other..???..anyways it's lukin nice... n's a snoopy thing...which at times makes a person loose senses...if its not going in d correct it's gud u don't waste time on it...damn!!! i have an inferiority complex...(jokin)...:-D

  5. the internet is suddenly making so much more sense. thanks for blogging.

  6. A DROP OF BROWN ..interesting title Sana .. simple and nice ..09MITALI