Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I Wish I Was A Boy

He chooses what to wear
She is ordered how to dress,

He scatters all the things
She's in trouble for the mess.

His needs get tended first
She must sit back and wait

He is always given top
She is stared at with much hate

He yells all day and night,
She is scolded for raising her voice

He will choose the girl he marries
She can't look towards the boys.

He can party with his friends
She cannot go outside,

He'll get away with anything
All rules she must abide.

He is given an advance
She is always underpaid

He is kept like a king
She is treated like a maid

He will attend a top university
She will study in her room,

He is so full of life
Her life is full of gloom.

He sleeps with a content smile
She cries herself to sleep,

He will dream throughout the night
She will continuously weep.

He laughs away with life
And jumps around with joy,

She waits for dark then whispers,

I wish I was a boy.


  1. this sounds terrible... reminds me of the dark ages. but great writing nevertheless. bravo.

  2. indeed scary. but i know this still happens in our country..

  3. This does actually remind me of age where girls were treated as burdens...thankfully most if the urban population isn't following this pattern now. However, there still are people who practice such "anti-girls" culture.

  4. Try taking up poetry seriously.. You are awesome!!

  5. "I wish I was a boy." .... awesome climax.

    Good work.

  6. Nicely written. It reflects the mentality of people who still think that women are inferior to men. Which is definitely not the case today! Good job! :-)

  7. Heartfelt, for sure. Reflects what is happening in our society. Well done!