Wednesday, 16 February 2011

When I'm Twenty I'll Be Big

When I'm twenty, I'll do plently.
When I'm twenty I'll be big.
I'll be more tall. No need for the stool. I can reach up just like that,
And take down the bottle of vodka.
I'll fill up the shiny wine glass, then take a huge swig
I can finish off the lot and keep smacking my lips
Then i can walk all funny. And talk all funny. And cross my eyes. And keep falling over.
I can. I'll be big.
I won't have to go to school
I'll stay in my bed and sleep throughout the day
And my bed, will be just how i want
In my room. Where no one can come. The door will be closed. I want it closed.
No one can open it.
And the room will be the colours i want. I can. Because I'll be big. So I can choose.
And I'll leave it messy and not clear up my things.
I don't have to.
I'll spend hours in the shower
And splash in the water
I'll finish all the shampoo and make the soap all squishy
The bathroom will get flooded. I can flood it. Because I'll be big.
I'll make breakfast lots of fun.
Bowlfuls of chocolate and bucketfuls of coke
I can decide what i want to eat.
I'm not going to buy the things i don't like.
I can keep all my money, in my pocket.
I'll be big. No one can take it from. I can spend it where I want. When i want.
I can throw all the notes in the air and catch them. I can scatter all the coins on the floor.
Its up to me. I'll be big.
And I'll get a phone. If i want to I'll even get two!
I'll call all my friends. And talk for as long as i want.
I don't have to stop.
I'll be big. I can.
I'll send texts to the Prime Minister. Big people can.
And to the famous people that come on tv.
I can even make prank calls. Scare some people. Fool some people.
No one can tell me not to.
I can walk out whenever i want. I can open the door.
I can run for hundreds of miles. And reach the other side of the world.
I'll be big. So i won't come home at night. I'll stay in a club. Big people can.
And no one can ask me where i was. No one can tell me i can't go out.
I'll be big.
I won't got to wear the things i don't like
I'll buy all the jeans in the world. I like jeans.
And if i don't want to wear any clothes at all. I won't.
No one can make me wear them.
I'll be big. I can choose.
And when I'm hot I'll wear less. And when I'm cold I'll wear an extra hoodie.
I will choose when I'm hot and when I'm cold.
I will choose how much clothes i want to wear. Big people can.
I'll be big.
So i can light one. And take a puff of the cig.
I don't need to ask if i can. I'll be big
Take a deep breath. Then blow out all the smoke in someone's face.
Then I'll laugh when they cough and splutter.
I can run around and chase the smoke.
And try holding it in my hands.
And I'll finish all the cigarettes. Till it's so smoky, no one can see.
I can't get told off for it. I'll be big.
I will walk and talk and sleep and wake and sit and eat and dress. My own way.
In big way. Because I'll be big.
And I can go on facebook. And i can't get told off for it.
I'll turn on the tv and watch the big people's channels.
The scary channels. And the swear channels. And the rude channels.
No one can switch it off.
I'll be big.

I'll be big because I'll be twenty.
When I'm twenty I'll be big.
When I'm twenty I'll do plently.
Plenty more... my mind.

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