Wednesday, 16 February 2011

If ... Why?

If we can cry when we're happy why can't we smile when we're sad?
If there are 'tears of joy', why isn't there 'laughter of pain?'
If there are raindrops & sunshine, then why aren't there sundrops and rainshine?
If god listens to us then why don't we listen to god?
If we can fly a plane and sail a ship, then why can't we sail a plane and fly a ship?
If water puts out fire, then why doesn't fire put out water?
If we need to breathe to live, then why can't we live to breathe?
If we can wait for time to pass, then why doesn't time wait for us to pass?
If there's always a little bad to come along with the good, why isn't there always a little good to come along with the bad?
If we must make something of life, why musn't life make something of us?
If we can live in the world, then why can't the world live in us?
If we can ask questions and get answers then why can't we ask answers and get questions?
If we have a guilty conscience for when we do wrong, why dont we have an un-guilty conscience for when we feel remorse?
If we can look forward to special people coming in our lives and fear losing them, why can't we fear special people coming into our lives and look-forward to losing them?
If we can fall in love, then why can't love fall in us?
If there's fear for losing, then why isn't there hope for not losing?
If we can mould our future why can't we reshape our past?

If I'm feeling everything and empty, why can't I feel nothing and fulfilled?
If I want you here right now, then why can't I just come to you there?
If I can close my eyes and see you, why can't I reach out and hold you?

If this is just a phase, then when will it come to an end?
If this reality, then will it ever stop?
If this is all in my mind, then how do I make it go?

If I'm feeling so lost and have no idea why, then why can't I be found and just told...why?

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