Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Me on one side you on the other
The lampost between us, the light above our heads
Call it a blessing, in form of light
Eyes closed, they find their own way round,
Hearts guiding our curious hands, fingers entwining
The dancing light binding them together
And the promises you made
Looking through my windows, in whispers to my soul
The light a witness to them
Walking away, hand in hand
For miles on end, to the world you'd said
And years perish by
The lives we lived, the joys we shared
The moments of bliss, the tender love kiss
And lifetimes pass
Still we are one,
Walking hand in hand
Back there, to where we began


Me on one side my shadow on the other
The lampost between us, the night above my head
Blessing gone out
You were just an illusion

Just a trick of the light.

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