Wednesday, 16 February 2011

From Love, With Love

He stayed out in the car
Came home late at night,
So he could find her sleeping
Oh that beautiful sight

He quietly crept around
Weaving the surprise,
Then dropped on to the couch
Just before sunrise

When she opened up her eyes
Thought its all a dream,
So shocked, so stunned, in joy
She let out a silent scream

In awe she looked around
Balloons of white and red,
Hundreds of candles, a huge pile of gifts
And roses scattered over the bed

Her eyes then fell on him
He was almost on the floor,
Rushed over to his side
And looked with deep amor

Arms tight around his waist
As she half carried him to the bed,
Fluffed up all the pillows
And gently kissed his sleepy head

She took off his shoes, and undid all his buttons
Rolled him over and pulled off his shirt,
Then carefully unbuckled and slid out his belt
So that it wouldn't cause discomfort or hurt.

She ran her hands through his hair
And lightly stroked his chest,
Then leaned right into his ear
And whispered baby, you're the best

He opened up his eyes
And let out a content sigh,
Stared at her with delicate passion
And quietly asked her why

I just realised its 14th February
Its what they call Valentines Day,
But you've never given me reason to await it
Because you celebrate us, everyday

You've made every moment so special
This concept seems a childs play,
Just keep loving me like this, forever
Just love me in your very own way


For her and you, my life,
And all the love in my heart
I get down and beg the lord
He never does your oneness apart.