Wednesday, 16 February 2011

That Night

A newly wed bride
Garmented in her red dress
Embroidered throughout,
With pretty threads of gold
Curled up in a corner
Legs drawn in

'Tis the night of doom
The night of sin

I'll not tremble with fear
I'll not cry
Come do your dirty work
I'll not question you why

You charge towards me
Like a vicious dog
A howl. A bark. A mating call.
Land right before me
Stare long and hard
A twinkle in your hungry eyes,
As you pick up the scent.
That's right, it flesh
You have your prey
Take her.

Take her away.

You lift me up
You claw at me
Are you trying to tickle?
Look at that evil smirk of yours
Do you not know, not to play with your food?
You're arms so tight around me
But they only carry.

My love alone can hold me.

Throwing me into your territory
Leaning right over me
That sly grin plays again
Laughing at my helplessness
But you know, your lips can do better than that
Grabbing mine in yours
The foreplay has begun.

Toy with my corpse.

Feed on my mouth all that you may
The wetness I'll not return
Its cold. I shiver.
Is that really a kiss?
Onto my neck, falls your breath

The sting.
The tinge.
The redness.

I see the desperation in your eyes
I see it in your movement, as you wriggle around like that
Your desire for pleasure
I hear it roar

That was swift
Everything off with the jerk of a hand
You seem experienced.

How many times, have you done it before?

Your eyes feasting on my nudity
You can make me look at your bare body
But you can't make me see.
Your hands,
Ready as ever to explore me
From head to toe
You rub, you stroke
You seem to know your way around.

How many times, have you done it before?

Drop your head onto my chest
Rough cheek against my bosom
Trying to listen?
Really there's no point
You'll not hear the beat
My heart is with him
But oh!
That's not what you're after
Its the tenderness you want

A final breath of air
And you make your entry
With a stab of pain

Its sharp.
It hurts.

I let out a low cry, in agony
The first sound I make tonight
But that bothers you not
You must continue, satisfying your desire
I call out his name
But you hear it not
Your too busy
Making you feel good

Thrusting away.

Who knows when you'll stop
I'll just close my eyes
And whilst you keep at my physical being
I'll take to the man I love, in soul
Its twice as white as you'll blacken my body
His love has kept it pure
We'll spend years, in the hours you'll take.

The hours you'll take to finish your meal.

Further in with your every groan,
Go as deep as you can
Though you must know
My vagina is no pathway to my heart.

And harder.

But you'll never break through,
The barriers of his name
Take all the flesh you want
Eat away. Feel away.
But you'll never touch my soul
Keep groaning with pleasure
That sense of urge
I'll not moan alongside you
I don't feel a thing
I'm too far away
Where my heaven lies
In the arms of my man
Whilst he makes love with his eyes
Just by looking.

Through the windows of my soul.

Kissing away the pain.
Drinking up the tears.
Blowing in the courage to live through this death.
Kissing away the fears.

Alas you are done
The wild howl you let out says it all
Enough to make yourself tremble only
With pleasure
You have your prize
Hold your orgasm over your head

Three cheers.
Three cheers.
Three cheers.

I've served as your host
It's time you left
I can't keep either of you in any longer
Nor your anatomy,
Nor the tears
I'm choking on the lump in my throat
A need to throw up
With no-one.

No-one to hold my hair back.

Your smile,
Spread wide like the wings of an eagle
You're out already
Sleeping joyously
Feeling rich
And why not?
You would.
You should.

After all these hours of looting me.

But I alone know, my love was there

Guarding my chastity.
Shielding my modesty.

I'll go back to my corner
And curl up where this night began
I've been so very brave
Tired. And weak.
With nothing more to lose.

Will dressing undo the undressing.
Will these floods wash away the stain.
Will death undo this sin.

And what will take away the pain?


No bride was she.
Just a little girl
Draped in the blood of her soul
Embroidered with the marks
He'd leave on her body that night.


  1. Very mature writing...Awesome, I can feel the pain in words. : sujal

  2. Am all shivers. All goosebumps. Infact, shed a tear or two, yes I did.

    Heard of Amrita Pritam? No? Yes? Coz while drowning through the lines, am being reminded of one of 'her' work. Here it is:

    The Virgin:
    When I moved into your bed
    I was not alone-there were two of us.

    A married woman and a virgin
    To sleep with you
    I had to offer the virgin in me
    I did so
    This slaughter is permissible in law
    Not the indignity of it
    And I bore the onslaught of the insult.

    The next morning
    I looked at my blood stained hands
    I washed my hands

    But the moment I stood before the mirror
    I found her standing there

    The one whom I thought I had slaughtered last night

    Oh God!Was it too dark in your bed
    I had to kill one and I killed the other?

    P.S.: You left me in me awe. And how? BRAVO!!

  3. I think I have read this before! On Facebook I guess. Simply shocking. Something that hits your hard. The suspense is shattering. One of your best works, I have to admit.

  4. More or less it looked like horror... But love is what kes us away from the filthy world...

  5. It's mature writing but what I felt is the pain an agoney is not justied. But it's truley good piece of poetry.

  6. To pen what 1 feels or imagine is an art of and for the blessed. You seem to be one. Hope your life is a s creative as you are. That's where the fun is, no matter how the tumult of the course. May you be blessed and cross all tumulus with ease.
    God bless